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MIT BeaverWorks

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Missing Propellers

Introduction #

As our MIT BeaverWorks Summer Insitute final project in 2021, Nandini Bezwada, Michelle Wang, and I programmed drones to fly through colored hoops autonomously. Our project won the best final project award.

OpenCV + PID #

We used OpenCV’s solvePnP function to project 2D pixels into 3 dimensions. The drone positions itself using four PID controllers for x, y, z, and yaw.

3rd Persion View

Debugger #

The drone records footage of its flights so that we can replay what it saw before crashes.

The drone also records footage with a debugger overlay which displays the color filter, ellipse fitting, solvePnP axes, and variables. The debugger helped us determine the root cause of every crash.

Video #

For more details, see our presentation video: