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Keiji Imai

Keiji Imai

MIT Motorsports Chassis Lead

Hi, I’m Keiji. I’m a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at MIT. I build racecars and robots. I love fiction, piano, saxophone, chess, and video games. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


Racecar Space Frame
·5 mins· 0
Designing and building a frame for a Formula SAE racecar
·3 mins· 0
Making industrial automation robots crash-proof
Marine Robotics Group
·9 mins· 0
Collecting IMU data with a 6-axis arm
Front Wing Mounting
·5 mins· 0
Learning to design efficiently using hand calcs
·4 mins· 0
An unbeatable chess robot that moves pieces using magnets
·2 mins· 0
Building a dyno to characterize a motor and custom inverter
RoboCupJunior Open
·4 mins· 0
Autonomous soccer robot with custom gearbox and brushless motors
MIT BeaverWorks
·1 min· 0
Autonomously navigating an obstacle course with a quadcopter
RoboCupJunior Lightweight
·2 mins· 0
Autonomous soccer robot with dribbler and 360 vision
FIRST Robotics
·3 mins· 0
Building a 125 lb robot that can climb 8 feet from the ground